R&G Gleam Dry Chain Lube 500ml


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R&G Gleam Dry Chain Lube 500ml (RGGLEAM8)

R&G Dry Chain Lube provides the ultimate protection for your chain in dry and dusty conditions. Our wax-based formula ensures maximum lubrication while not attracting dirt and grit for a clean ride. For easy removal after your ride, use R&G Nano Bike Wash and Chain Cleaner.

  • O, X and Z – ring chain compatible.
  • Wax-based friction-reducing formula.
  • On and off-road riding.
  • Non-fling.


  1. Fully degrease chain using R&G Chain Cleaner.
  2. Shake the can well.
  3. Apply generously, ensuring all parts of the chain are covered.