R&G Boot Guard Kit for Kawasaki Z650 (’17-) & Ninja 650 (’17)


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R&G Boot Guard kits are available for a large range of bike styles and brands, with new applications released regularly. The unique R&G texture was specifically designed to be durable, providing the rider with a buffer between their boot and the exposed areas of the swingarm which can (on occasion) come into contact with each other during cornering causing wear and unwanted damage to the swingarm or boots (both expensive to fix!).

Each Boot Guard kit is supplied with precision pre-cut adhesive pieces, designed to fit the intended bike, typically in either 2 or 4 pieces depending on the shape of the swingarm. The high-strength adhesive backing ensures a highly durable product that will stay exactly where you put it, as well as not affecting or damaging paintwork.

This 2pcs R&G Boot Guard kit has been specially designed for the Kawasaki Z650 2017- and Ninja 650 ’17  models.

Made in the UK.