R&G Exhaust Hanger Kit for Yamaha R25 ’14- and R3 ’15-


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Exhaust Hanger Kit for Yamaha R25 ’14- and R3 ’15- (EH0063BKA)

This Exhaust Hanger kit includes an Exhaust Hanger and Rear Footrest Blanking Plate enables the removal and the pillion pegs for that racing bike look, whilst also allowing for your exhaust to be properly supported. Finished in black the stylish Exhaust Hanger has been specially designed to fit the Yamaha R25 ’14- and R3 ’15- models.

Both parts are made from 6mm aluminium and featuring a modern design, the Exhaust Hanger really gives the bike a more aggressive racing look, ditching those unsightly pillion pegs (especially if they are never used!) and the Footrest Blanking Plate for the off side allows for all otherwise exposed bolt holes to be nicely covered up.

Both finished in black powdercoat for a strong and durable finish this exhaust hanger kit really looks the part.