R&G Crash Protectors Aero Style for Honda CBR1000RR ’17- [Non Drill Kit]


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Crash Protectors Aero Style for Honda CBR1000RR ’17- [Non-Drill Kit] (CP0246BL)

R&G Aero Crash Protectors offer core motorcycle protection, keeping the frame and other critical components off the ground in the event of a crash, drop or slide.

This R&G Aero Crash Protector kit features our stylish Aero Bobbins (available in black or white) and replacement, pre-drilled, injection moulded infill panels. Suitable for CBR1000RR / RR SP / RR SP2 ’17- models, this kit has been specially designed to avoid the need to drill any fairing panels; simply replace the black infill panels with the provided pre-drilled panels, that have been expertly sculpted to allow for an accurate, hassle-free installation.

R&G Aero Bobbins are stylish, aerodynamic and teardrop shaped, improving on the original good looks of our highly successful and popular standard, round bobbins. Fitted with a removable end cap which hides the bobbin fittings, this sleek design looks superb and is a winner on road and track!

R&G – the market leaders in crash protection and the only insurance-approved crash protectors on the market. As used by some of the world’s top race teams, what better endorsement do you need!?  R&G – innovation not imitation!