R&G Cotton Reels (Offset) for Honda NC700X/S/DCT/Integra & NC750X ’12-

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Cotton Reels (Offset) for Honda NC700X/S/DCT/Integra & NC750X ’12- (CR0041BK)

Are they cotton reels or spindle sliders? Well they are both really!!

The Cotton Reel is mounted to a special, black-anodised stainless steel bracket (included with the kit). The product will give protection to the swingarm area in most crashes. Also the bike can be lifted on the Cotton Reels, using a paddock stand with hooks (suggest R&G code SH0001). These cotton reels specifically designed to fit the Honda NC700X/S/DCT/ models, NC750X model and Honda Integra 700/750 models. Additionally they have the ability to be fitted with a toe guard thanks to a mounts already present on the cotton reel bracket.

An R&G Toe Guard (not included) can be install into this product with no modification to the swingarm required, it simply screws into the bottom of the cotton reel bracket.