R&G Cotton Reels (Offset)

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Cotton Reels (Offset) (CR0034BK)

Are they cotton reels or spindle sliders? Well they are both really!!

Specially designed to meet the requirements of race teams in the US and UK XR1200 race series. These cotton reels connect to the bike thanks to an innovative stainless steel bracket attaching off the bottom of the rear shock lugs, aluminium block positioned under the swingarm and a stainless steel bracket securely holding the unit in place locking into the inside of the swingarm. Requiring no modification to fit and installation only taking afew minutes these cotton reels offer the stability and strength required when lifting such a bike onto a paddock stand, these cotton reels give you the ability to swap out the rear tyre easily (keeping it on a paddock stand) and for easy maintain.

Suitable for the Harley Davidson XR1200 models.