BMC Air Filter for Honda CB650R & CBR650R (’19-)


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BMC Air Filter for Honda CB650R & CBR650R (’19-) (FM01069)

Sizes (mm): B : 112 | A : 294    

Oil quantity for regeneration (gr): 8

All BMC motorbike filters can be replaced with the bike’s original air filter.

They fit the exact series filter shape of the bike and can be installed in the air box with no modification necessary.

The substantial difference from the original air filter is that they are made with cotton gauze oiled-soaked. This improves the air flow intake capacity, with evident benefits for combustion quality.

All BMC filters are able to last lifelong and regenerable as well.


1. Better air flow to the engine:

The cotton gauze BMC uses has larger links, allowing a better air flow, but using several layers of oil soaked cotton allows to block any impurity larger than 7 microns.

2. Greater retention and screening:

BMC air filters scored an impressive 97,5% filtration efficiency at ISO5011 test.

3. Wider filtering area

Maximum air permeability and higher air flow passage.

4. The choice of champions:

BMC equips some of the most important team in Formula 1, MotoGP, WorldSBK.