SW MOTECH – Bar Back – H: 20 mm, Back: 30 mm for BMW R Nine T

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Bar back for BMW R nineT (LEH.07.512.10000/GD)

If you find it difficult to comfortably reach the handlebar of your R nineT, you should consider purchasing a bar back. Our durable aluminium bar backs relocate the handlebar 20 mm up and 30 mm back. That adjustment adds more comfort during longer trips. Especially designed for R nineT from anodized gold aluminium .

  • Moves bar position up 20 mm and back 30 mm
  • The steel flex brake line must be lengthened by a specialized workshop before installing the bar back
  • Material: aluminium, anodized
  • Colour: gold


  • Bar back for BMW R nineT
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


Please check for adequate cable length before installing this bar back. Additional cable are not included in delivery.