SW MOTECH – Adapter Kit for ADVENTURE-RACK (For Rotopax)

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Adapter kit for mounting a RotopaX canister on the ADVENTURE-RACK (GPT.00.152.35900/B)

This adapter kit provides a secure hold for RotopaX canister on the ADVENTURE-RACK. The functional bores on the rack allow for simple mounting of the adapter kit. Our ADVENTURE-RACK for long-distance enduros, large street and sport touring machines proves itself with its extreme durability and flexibility. It also features functional bores for mounting adapter kits for topcases made by SW-MOTECH and other manufacturers, SysBag 15/30 with adapter plate or a RotopaX canister.


  • Adapter kit for mounting a RotopaX canister on the ADVENTURE-RACK
  • Easy mounting: the adapter kit is screwed onto the rack
  • The RotopaX mounting attachment is not included in delivery


  • Adapter kits or topcases from SW-MOTECH as well as other manufacturers (Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker, Shad) and for RotopaX canisters can be found at here.
  • The adapter kits for SysBags 15/30 are already included in the delivery of the adapter plates.
  • The adapter kit for RotopaX canisters can only be used on the ADVENTURE-RACK and is not compatible with the STREET RACK adapter plate.
  • http://swsrvweb01/sage/beschreibungstexte/tester_load_csv.php

Included in delivery

  • Adapter kit for ADVENTURE-RACK for RotopaX canister
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions